OZ - The New Season

It's No Place Like Home.
For Some it's the Beginning.
For Others. The End.

Produced by The Levinson/Fontana Company
in association with Rysher Entertainment.

Barry Levinson and Tom Fontana were the executive producers of the critically acclaimed dramatic series OZ that aired for several seasons on HBO.

Exploring the lives of the correctional officers and inmates of an urban prison, OZ debuted its first eight shows in summer 1997, and returned for several more seasons. Series stars Kirk Acevedo, Terry Kinney, Rita Moreno, J.K. Moreno, J.K. Simmons, Lee Tergesen, and Dean Winters.

Four Stars
-- New York Daily News

OZ has been showered with praise by the critics during the first two seasons. In the New York Times Magazine, Stanley Crouch hailed the show's "consistently brilliant acting -- some of the best in the history of television," adding, "OZ is a landmark for the medium. It's something we should celebrate." The Boston Globe called the series a "remarkably mind-tingling drama," noting, "HBO's return to OZ is terrific." Marvin Kitman wrote in Newsday, "Nothing on the tube prepared me for this kind of realistic drama... the actors are fantastic... the acting is magical, the directing and writing are marvelous."