Directed by Luis Llosa

A Tri-Star Pictures Release

"Firepower usually means an increased number of misses per minute. Fifty misses are not firepower. One hit is firepower." --Anonymous

One shot, one kill -- that's the rule legendary Marine sniper Tom Beckett (TOM BERENGER) lives by, and his many targets have died by, as he plies his lonely trade. On the outside, this "lifer" is a cold and calculating killer, trained in the art of murder and survival. Inside is a man who has paid a painful price.

His latest mission is to track down and eliminate the leader of a powerful rebel group and his financier, a Colombian drug lord, deep in the hostile jungle of Panama. Going with him as his spotter is Richard Miller (BILLY ZANE), an ambitious young National Security Council bureaucrat who has campaigned for this assignment because he thinks it will be a quick and easy way to boost his career in Washington, D.C.

Miller, who proved he could shoot when he won an Olympic silver medal, hasn't yet discovered that training his scope on an enemy is a far cry from firing bullets into inanimate paper targets. Inexperienced and out of his element, Miller is not prepared for what he will encounter in the jungles of Central America or within himself.

Although their lives depend on each other, there seems little chance these two men can bridge their differences and become real allies. As they stalk their prey, however, each comes to recognize a version of himself in the other. Miller sees in the sergeant the detached, calculating killer he might easily become, while Beckett sees in the young NSC official the potential he once had but has lost.