An Alfonso Cuaron Film

A Mark Johnson/Baltimore Pictures Production
A Warner Bros. Release

"A Little Princess" is the charming story of the power of one girl's spirit to change her life and the fortunes of those around her. It is based on the beloved novel written by Frances Hodgson Burnett, author of children's classics including The Secret Garden, Mark Johnson produces the picture, which is directed by Alfonso Cuaron in his American film debut. The screenplay is by Richard LaGravanese and Elizabeth Chandler; the executive producers are Alan C. Blomquist and Amy Ephron.

Eleanor Bron is featured in "A Little Princess" as Miss Minchin, the school headmistress and Sara's chief antagonist. Bron's film credits include the Beatles' "Help!," as well as "Turtle Diary," "Women in Love," "Little Dorritt," "Two For the Road," "Bedazzled" and "Black Beauty."

Irish-born Liam Cunningham recently filmed "First Knight" with Sean Connery and Richard Gere and has appeared in "Into the West" and "The War of the Buttons." "A Little Princess" marks Cunningham's first American film.

Making her motion-picture debut is Liesel Mathews, who was selected from several thousand young girls in a nationwide talent search for the role. The 10-year-old has performed on the local stage in her native state of Illinois, most notably as Scout in "To Kill A Mockingbird."

Director Alfonso Cuaron is a native of Mexico. His first feature, "Solo Con Tu Pareja" ("Love in the Time of Hysteria") was made on a budget of only a half-million dollars yet garnered a great deal of attention for Cuaron.

Producer Mark Johnson executive produced director Barry Levinson's 1981 steeper hit "Diner." Since then Johnson has produced Levinson movies including "Tin Men," "The Natural, " "Young Sherlock Holmes, " "Avalon, " "Good Morning, Vietnam, " "Rain Man" (which won four Academy Awards, including Best Picture), "Bugsy " and "Toys."

Johnson executive produced Steven Soderberg's "Kafka" starring Jeremy Irons and "Sniper" featuring Tom Berenger. Other producing credits include Clint Eastwood's "A Perfect World" starring Kevin Costner, and "Wilder Napalm" with Debra Winger and Dennis Quaid. Johnson and Levinson also presented Tim Robbins' "Bob Roberts" and the 1990 Academy Award-winning foreign-language film "Journey of Hope." Most recently, Levinson and Johnson's company produced Robert Redford's "Quiz Show."