Directed by Dean Parisot

A Mark Johnson/Baltimore Pictures/Kasdan Pictures Production
A Warner Bros. Release

Dorian: Just let me talk to you. Sally? -- I didn't actually lie to you, I just didn't tell you the whole truth.

Sally: I'm sitting here like an idiot, talking all about Henry, and you don't even have the decency to tell me you're his stepson?

Dorian: All I can tell you is this is a very strange situation for me. Especially because I like you. I mean, I really, really like you.

Henry Lever is dead -- that much is certain. Sitting bolt upright in the middle of a field. Dead.

The cause of death is a little unclear. It could have been his pre-existing heart condition. Or his penchant for vanilla milkshakes from the local Burger-Matic. Or it could have been the A.H.-1 Cobra Attack Helicopter that chased him off the road, forced him to jump out of his station wagon and run, literally, for his life, dodging the bullets that peppered his path. Or maybe it was a combination of all three.

Of course, it wasn't the food at the Burger-Matic that Henry was so fond of; it was mostly his girlfriend, Sally Jackson (DREW BARRYMORE), the woman carrying his child and relegated to the drive-through window so the customers won't see her condition. Despite Henry's nightly pleas, she is determined to stick with her decision that ended the relationship. Even in this small town, Sally didn't find out that Henry was married until after...things had gotten complicated.

Complicated is certainly one way to describe the family Henry Lever left behind. His Machiavellian widow (CATHERINE O'HARA) is more upset by her dead husband's infidelity than she is by his actual death. Her twisted attempts to discover the identity of Henry's mistress have involved her sons from a previous marriage, Dorian (LUKE WILSON) and Angus (JAKE BUSEY), both Army National Guardsmen and Cobra helicopter pilots. Their little scheme to scare Henry back into fidelity was for their mother's sake -- too bad Henry's heart was weaker than they thought. And too bad, for them, that there was someone on the helicopter's radio frequency the night of the accident. Their only clue is the radio headset worn by that pretty girl at the drive-through window of the Burger-Matic.

But Sally doesn't really know anything, other than the fact that her headset sometimes picks up truckers and radio stations. Even so, Angus decides it would be best to eliminate her, for his mother's sake, just to be safe. But the closer Dorian gets to Sally, the more he decides that he doesn't really want to kill her...he'd rather marry her instead.