A Barry Levinson Film

A Tribeca/Baltimore Pictures/Punch Production
A New Line Cinema Release

Less than two weeks before election day, a scandal erupts that threatens to cripple the President's bid for a second term. But before the incident can cause irreparable damage, a mysterious fixer is called to the White House. The ultimate spin doctor, Conrad Brean (ROBERT DeNIRO) has the uncanny ability to manipulate politics, the press and most importantly, the American people.

Anticipating the reaction of a frenzied press corps, Brean deftly deflects attention from the President by creating a bigger and better story - a war. With the help of Stanley Motss (the "t" is silent) (DUSTIN HOFFMAN), a famed Hollywood producer and his irreverent entourage, Brean assembles an unlikely crisis team who orchestrate a global conflict unlike any ever seen on CNN.

Wickedly fictional with historical overtones truer than many care to admit, Wag The Dog examines the blurred lines between politics, the media and show business.

DUSTIN HOFFMAN and ROBERT DeNIRO lead an all-star cast in BARRY LEVINSON's Wag The Dog. Written by HILARY HENKIN and DAVID MAMET, this comedy focuses on the machinations of power as a presidential spin doctor (DeNiro) teams with a celebrated Hollywood producer (Hoffman) to manufacture a fake war. The film also stars ANNE HECHE, DENIS LEARY, WILLIE NELSON, ANDREA MARTIN and KIRSTEN DUNST, and features WILLIAM H. MACY, CRAIG T. NELSON and SUZIE PLAKSON. Produced by JANE ROSENTHAL, ROBERT DeNIRO and BARRY LEVINSON.