A Barry Levinson Film

A Baltimore Pictures/Constant c Production
in Association with Punch Productions Inc.
A Warner Bros. Release

A thousand feet beneath the ocean surface in the middle of the Pacific, something has been discovered. Its origin, its structure, its malevolent energy are baffling. But whatever it is, it can reach into your mind. It knows your worst fears. And now it's starting to make those fears come true...

Hoffman stars as Dr. Norman Goodman, a psychologist who is unexpectedly summoned by the government to a spot in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. There, he joins a cadre of specialists supervised by a mysterious team leader named Barnes (Coyote). Also joining them is Stone as Beth Halperin, a biochemist who shares a past with Goodman; and Jackson as Harry Adams, a skeptical mathematician. The hastily assembled project team is asked to embark on a mission to explore a massive spacecraft that appears to have been submerged, untouched, for almost 300 years on the ocean floor.

The team quickly travels undersea and takes up residence in a high-tech deep-water habitat while investigating the strange craft. In examining the submerged spacecraft, the team uncovers a remarkable sphere inside it. The sphere's purpose and design are enigmatic but it somehow seems to have intelligence -- and is inexplicably seductive.

As the team tries to unravel the meaning and function of the sphere, they become cut off from surface contact, their world limited to the claustrophobic habitat, the submerged craft, its baffling sphere -- and each other.

And then, a series of horrifying incidents begin to unfold around them. One by one, the crew's subconscious terrors become real as each person's worst fears become physically manifested. With time and oxygen running out, the team members begin to turn on each other in a frantic search for who -- or what -- is creating this terror.