A Barry Levinson Film

Paramount Pictures Presents
A Baltimore Pictures Production

"When the sky's the limit,
How do you know you've gone too far?"

(from "Bad lntentions" by Robbie Robertson)

Hollywood is not what it used to be. Where kids once got discovered, now they get arrested. Where stars once posed, crack dealers prowl. Where klieg lights once shown up upon the heavens, now helicopter spots shine upon crimes-in-progress.

No wonder Jimmy Alto can't make it in this town. The way he sees it, Hollywood, the deteriorated city, keeps getting in the way of Hollywood the myth... until he finds a daring, but absurdly dangerous, way of making his stamp on both.

A comic drama about dreams among the ruins, "Jimmy Hollywood" takes director Barry Levinson into the gritty, raw underside of the city where he pursues his own dreams. This is a highly personal look at the Hollywood no one ever sees and the people who still dare to believe -- and live -- in it.

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