A Barry Levinson Film

MGM/UA Entertainment Co.

DINER, the nostalgic, funny, highly personal memoir of the guys who "hung out" at the local diner in the Baltimore of 1959, and who are eagerly awaiting the world championship football game that will take place on Sunday, December 27 between the New York Giants and their own Baltimore Colts.

To these five young men, that last week in December meant a great deal. It was a time of innocence, when sex was something to "giggle" about but never encounter, and friendship and loyalty, crucial. Having reached their early twenties, it was time for them to move into the world of men, but not this week.

This was the golden week for one final fling at the games and pranks that render the prospect of adulthood so distant, so unthinkable, when they will have to say goodbye to the DINER.